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b. 1991, Bangkok

lives and works in Bangkok



              Saroot Supasuthivech employs a multifarious research approach to reimagine a range of localities, merging chronologies and perspectives. The artist not only looks toward geographical and political facts, but also takes into account the ways specific sites are situated and depicted in memory and discourse. Reacting to popular and official narratives, he examines the corruption of our histories and the dissolution of our identities. Ritual also emerges as a particular window of insight for the artist he delves into ancient traditions and notes their waning relevance, inspecting the current through a lens of the past.

              The process of reassemblage is not only thematic, but also aesthetic and experiential. In Supasuthivech's practice, the moving image transcends simple aesthetic or documentary dimensions. The artist constructs a complete sensorial experience, often combining installation, image, and sound to conjure the intagible aura of a socio-historical location.The resulting works evoke an intensely sensorial hyperreality: a fluorescent cast envelops his works, heightening sensations of the corporal. These reassembled sites seem mystical, as if apparitionally unearthing a range of marginalized oral histories and buried memories. An aura of the sacrosanct imbues Supasuthivech's works: in studying the ritualistic, his artistic practice seems to form a rite in itself, offering a ceremony of remembrance.

​Solo Exhibitions

            2023 If I can make one wish..., Nova Contemporary, Bangkok. Thailand

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Passages, NTU CCA. Singapore

2022  Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, Discoveries Section, Hong Kong

Sawang Sawai Siwilai, Siwilai City Club, Bangkok. Thailand

2021  Absence・Evidence, 絕對空間Absolute Space for the Arts. Exhibition online

Where I’m Coming From, inventory platform. Exhibition Online

VIDEO INSTALLATION INSPIRED BY THE BIRTH OF CINEMA IN SIAM, Thai Film       Archive(Public Organization). Bangkok. Thailand

2020   ᘐ (Qi), Nova Contemporary. Bangkok. Thailand

2019   Footnotes on Institution, Gallery VER. Bangkok. Thailand

2018.  ThaiTai Re-conversation: Based on True Story. About Photography. Bangkok. Thailand

2017   EARLY YEARS PROJECT #2. Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. Bangkok. Thailand



2017   EARLY YEARS PROJECT #2 prize winners as selected by the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre


Residency Programmes

          2023 SEA AiR – Studio Residencies for Southeast Asian Artists in the EU Cycle 2 : Residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin

2018  ThaiTai Re-conversation: Based on True Story : Art & Culture exchange Bangkok-Taiwan 

Lintas-Batas : Art & Culture exchange Bangkok-Perak



         2023 WINDOW DISPLAY : Phantom HorizonsKünstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Germany

2022  The S.E.A Focus Official Fringe Programme at Projector X. Singapore

2021  Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes, MMCA. Korea, M+. Hong Kong, MCAD. Philippines, MAIIAM. Thailand


Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

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